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It's been great to see the selection and availablity of materials and resources to help renovate Toby & Moby.  Recent technology, along with access to innovative and high quality materials make figuring out how to renovate the travco fun.  

From water storage & SOLAR  to LED lighting, i'm looking forward to  innovate with the Travco as a vehicle with which to travely safely, style & comfort as a rolling space.

solar panels on travco

Here's a bank of batteries in the specially designed pullout in the lower exterior compartment for the Travco:

battery packs travco retrofit

Anybody looking for original Travco parts? I have them. The toilet apparently has a ball apparatus that is impossible to find when it wears out. Email me on the contact page form.

From insulation to toilets, the materials available now approximately 40 years later has changed a lot and my Travco's are ripe for this advantage... yeah. renovate... "restore to a former better state"

As a recap, a lot's been done since the last post about 6 months ago.

Custom gas tank built, sealed, primed and installed - thanks to Tom & Chris.

The inside has been stripped clean down to the fiberglass.only refrig, betty crocker style stove, oven and propane heat unit remain to be graciously ripped out.

Toilet and whole fiberglass bathroom enclosure..it's outta there.

Here's the new guy on the block  for potty time- no more driving anxiously to a suitable spot to empty the tank.

Composting Toilet

airhead slide 02 rev 960x400

Here's a link to the solar vent cap that draws the air out.

Ultra Fab Mini Solar Plumbing Vent

6K Onan generator OUT - - thanks Chris & Sammy.

This weekend's Neil Young concert - thanks to DeAnna & Jenny
Interior floor replacement around rear of vehicle.

All electrical needs to be run for solar installation. Thinking over 3500 watts daily for power needs. (high but have a lot of real estate on roof).

 RV solar info here



What did you use to repair the gelcoat?

Remove the old gel coat gloss layer of and then you must color match this, is not as easy as it looks, boatworkstoday.com has a step by step to match the color. You can get the products from fiberglast.com. for pinholes use a small dremel tool to create a small concave area, then you can add gelcoat filler with harder, sand then spray or even brush on two coats of gel coat color, sand again with 300 grit to 1500, then buff and polish. This should get you started


frontlgMoby sits alone in the field now that Toby is in the shop as if it is deservant of new attention. 

I dream, i think, i staticise. What's next?

It's getting the better of me. The whole segment of exterior entryway stairway is rusted and done. Needs to have new supports brackets welded in place and new steps installed. ..I have a sledgehammer in hand, look out. The wrench and hexagonal tool did not budge the entry way step. I know it's a gonna and i know Moby smiles on me pounding away 40+ year old rust with a serious conviction.

toby 72dpiToby is 99.99% identical to Moby. There was not much difference between the two years for the 270 model Travco Motor Home. This means I have parts and spares for the Travco that is renovated first. AM I CRAZY??

I have decided to run with Toby first. He's in the shop getting worked on... btw think Toby is a she, maybe she should be Tobi.

All windows, fiberglass body and MOTOR are intact. Electrical/Mechanical and engine are in good shape.

I will switch out the wheels/tires from Moby to Toby. Moby's tires have larger diameter wheel base and tubeless (Toby's current wheels have inner tubes)

Toby's been in the shop now for over 2 months. They are having trouble finding master cylinders for rear brakes. It's inside and dry. That's good.

I can't wait to start on her. She needs a full clean and stripped down to where Moby is at now which is exterior tight, very clean, rodent free and smelling fresh and clean.

The Frank Motor Home, Dodge, and Travco

In 1958, Raymond and Ronald Frank, who lived in Brown City, Michigan, built a motorized all-weather recreational vehicle for family vacations. The father/son team’s creation so enthralled the folks around Brown City that between 1958 and 1960 they constructed, using their barn as a factory, seven custom-made motorhomes for their friends. Their creations needed a proper name so they simply christened them the Frank Motor Home.

1.  Front and rear axles          
2.  Parking and Service Brakes
3.  Cooling system                
4.  Chassis electrical system
5.  The Engine                    
6.  Intake and Exhaust systems
7.  Frame Structure               
8.  Fuel System
9.  Propeller Shaft and Universal Joints  
10. Springs and Shock Absorbers
11. Steering                         
12. Transmissions
13. Wheels and Tires             
14. Body
15. Heaters and Air Conditioners
16. Emission Control System

For 15 years, Moby, a 1969 Vintage Dodge Travco...

Moby has travelled as a touring and working vehicle to music festivals, shows and concerts all over USA. However, in order for Moby to keep travelling, she's going to need a good amount of restoration. That's where crowdfunding comes in. It's going to be a big part of her restoration funds and that's why we're asking you to support Moby's restoration project.

Once Upon a Time...

...Driving through Salem, New York, a couple of miles across the border from Vermont. An unceremonious journey, or so it seemed until a big goofy looking white whale of an RV a.k.a. Moby stood by the side of a rural road in the front of a wooded yard under a pine tree looking all good and ready to go on the road, PLUS it had a for sale sign on it. Working at festival events and travelling the US would would never be the same again...Ahhh..welcome to the Travco love trap! 

Ended up buying it that day for the business as a merchandise vehicle. That was more than 15 years ago and now it's time to get Moby, the Travelling RV back up to what it cries out for a travelling merchandise and promo vehicle and ready for prime time.

A Little Travco Trivia...

The country music star Johnny Cash owned and toured in several Dodge Travcos (many of which are included in documentaries and films about him) over the course of his career; William Shatner of 'Star Trek' had a specially customized 1979 Travco with four wheel drive. Travco was considered a leader in the industry, and was the first manufacturer to create a vehicle that defined the modern day Motorhome. Lucille Ball used a Dodge, Travco throughout the first four episodes of season 2, as Lucy, Harry, Kim and Craig take a road trip to Colorado. Gary Player rode with the Team Lotus in a specially outfitted Dodge,Travco.